The Indiana Society of Medical Assistants is an organization affiliated with The American Association of Medical Assistants, an organization formed in the 1950’s with the objective of educating all medical front and back office staff.  Over the years the education evolved to the credential of the Certified Medical Assistant.  This is the premier credential for the medical assisting profession today.

The members of the Indiana Society of Medical Assistants give of their personal time to ensure they provide the highest quality care to their patients, demonstrate the best of professional proficiency and share with their coworkers and employers team building leadership. As Certified Medical Assistants, we make the choice to maintain our credential with education and professional development; sixty (60) continuing education credits over a five (5) year period of time.  This is a requirement not demanded of nurses.  Time management of balancing both personal and professional goals is a skill we share.  This allows us to fulfill objectives and continue to inspire others.  The choice to give to others is fundamental to all who have chosen the medical assisting profession.  Membership in ISMA is the pathway to quality healthcare delivery and personal development.  We have a pride in our credential and encourage others to share this pride with organization membership.